Prague is a beautiful city that fuses together it's historical Eastern European influences with the increasing influence of Western Europe to create a unique Central European identity. Prague is known for it's classic charm and vibrantly colored streets. Unlike New York, Prague shies away from the glossiness of towering skyscrapers in favor of architecture with a more historical vibe. Like New York though, it's difficult to define the atmosphere and lifestyle of the city by simply pointing out the main sights. With the information below, I hope to offer some insight on living in magnificent Praha as a student.

Old Town Square
NYU's campus in Prague is located right in Old Town Square, one of the main tourist attractions in Prague. This historic area has the Prague Astronomical Tower and offers spectacular views of beautiful architecture. Additionally, this area is full of restaurants, bars, shopping, and energy.

Prague Castle
The historic Praha castle overlooks the Vltava River. The castle is a defining feature of the city and for good reason. The walls of the castle and the stained glass inside are incredibly intricate.

Cross Club
Cross Club is located right near the Osadni NYU dorm and was a student favorite throughout the semester. The club is primarily underground and has multiple levels, each with different music. The venue's layout is pleasantly disorganized, adding to the grungy, industrial feel. Leave New York nightlife's pretentious attitude at home because much of Prague's nightlife requires nothing more than a t-shirt.

Smaženı Sır
Smaženı sır, or "fried cheese", was the late-night, post-party snack of choice for many students throughout the semester. This popular snack could be found in popular nightlife areas and in some instances, in bars and clubs themselves. At first, I skeptically believed that smaženı sır was nothing but a big mozzarella stick inbetween a bun, but after tasting it I came to the realization that it was it much, much more. No student leaves Prague without trying this culinary masterpiece.

While I had an amazing time in the anchor city of my NYU study abroad experience, I was also able to visit some other cities in Europe. Click here to read on!