Thanks to an accomodating academic schedule (with 4 day weekends - thanks NYU!), a relatively light workload, and the convenience of travel in Europe, I was able to spend many of my weekends away in different cities throughout Europe. In each location, I was able to see major sights, interact with local people, try the foods, and experience the nightlife. I found that each city had its unique charm and I'm happy to say that I never had a bad time in any place I visited. Below, I'll highlight a few of the places I visited.

Barcelona, Spain
Barcelona seems to have it all. While I'm no architecture buff, Gaudi's Parc Guell (partially pictured above) and Sagrada Famiglia are definitely worth a visit. The city also has a beautiful bay area and beaches. At night, many of the clubs are located right along the beach. Each of the clubs have access to a private strip of the beach, creating a great place to catch a breath of fresh air. There's an incredibly relaxing vibe to this Spanish city.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
All stereotypes and cliches aside, Amsterdam is truly a magical place. The city is built around a series of canals that weave throughout the streets. Given this layout and the tonal brown colors of the buildings, Amsterdam made me feel like I was in a spectacular chocolate maze. I would definitely recommend taking a canal cruise and visiting the Heineken museum. There are so many ways to enjoy Amsterdam and the city provides for an eye-opening, unique experience.

Budapest, Hungary
Budapest was interesting in that it had more of a Eastern European vibe to the city. I remember visiting the chilling Terror Museum while I was there and learned a great deal about the city's troubled past. However, today's Budapest is lively and engaging. Langos, a fried dough snack, was particularly worth noting. Another perk of Budapest is that it's relatively close to Praha; for ~$50 round trip, you can get to Budapest by bus in 6 hours.

Nice, France
For the middle stop on our spring break, my friends and I wanted a place where we could relax. We chose to visit the southern coast of France. After missing our flight initial flight from Barcelona and being ripped off for our replacement flight, our dampened spirits were quickly rejuvenated by Nice's incredible coastline. Needless to say, I did not miss the Jersey shore. The water was a crisp, shimmery blue and the atmosphere was equally spectacular. My friends and I spontaneously jumped off the ledge pictured above without swimsuits in 55F weather. It was an impulsive decision that I'll never forget.

In addition to the places I listed above, I also had the opportunity to visit:

If you are wondering how I was able to coordinate these trips, look no farther than Skyscanner. Skyscanner shops around multiple budget and non-budget airline databases and returns all results by price. The interface is clean and user friendly. Additionally, the site has a variety of options that accomodate both trips where you have a specific place in mind and weekends when you'd be fine going to any place with the cheapest flight.

I hope this website gave you some insight into the NYU study abroad experience. NYU in Praha not only provides ample opportunities to immerse yourselves in the Czech culture, but also gives you enough freedom to explore other parts of Europe. While no study abroad experience is the same, everybody returns with lifelong memories. Thanks for visiting!
- Jeffrey He