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Dance literacy is the integration of dance in the school curriculum in order to help children learn to read and write in ways that are both appealing and effective. Through dance, students have various opportunities to learn, use, and refine thinking skills that will develop them into thoughtful and well-rounded individuals. To ensure the success of a dance literacy program, there must be collaboration amongst teachers.


People with backgrounds in the arts are typically capable of complex thinking skills such as:

  • gather information as they explore an idea, composition, or project
  • generate imaginative, original ideas that add a new twist
  • practice analytical skills to better understand a situation
  • gain in-depth understanding of issues and topics
  • find structure even within disorder
  • recognize challenges and problems
  • demonstrate respect for others' concepts and experiences
  • are flexible and intuitive when considering possibilities
  • use logical reasoning as they weigh alternatives
  • explore options for possible solutions
  • make decisions confidently
  • refine solutions based on outcomes
  • "Families who want their children to learn to think, and excel in school and life, can look toward the arts for plenty of opportunities to do just that."

    All the information from this section came from Crayola's Thinking Through the Arts article.

    Information on Dance Literacy

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    More Resources on Dance Literacy


    Crayola's website presents a number of wonderful articles regarding the importance and impact of visual and performing arts on literacy and education. The featured articles summarize the research conducted by universities, educators, and child development experts on the arts role of helping children reach their full potential.

    Visit Crayola to find out more

    The ArtsLiteracy Project (ArtsLit)

    ArtsLit is dedicated to developing the literacy of youth through the performing and visual arts.ArtsLit gathers an international community of artists, teachers, youth, college students, and professors with the goal of collaboratively creating innovative approaches to literacy development through the arts.

    Visit ArtsLit to find out more

    PESS (Physical Education and School Sport)

    PESS has an article "Bringing creativity from dance to literacy" on their website. The article gives an overview of a school's curriculum to generate enthusiasm for creative writing and improve literacy through dance.

    Visit PESS to find out more

    A Time to Dance: Juggling a passion for dance with real life...

    I recommend this website because it gives specific examples of lessons that teachers have used dance to enhance literacy. There is interesting information about the “musical alphabet”, which includes a movement that corresponds to each letter of the alphabet. Therefore, students are spelling out words and sentences to music as they are creating a dance and hopefully are simultaneously making connections to their reading and language skills.

    Visit A Time to Dance to find out more

    "At Lauriston Primary School in East London, Aidan O'Kelley injects life into the literacy hour for his Year 5 pupils through a colorful "grammar dance" - a performance which celebrates their work on word classes. Using the basic elements of travel, turn and jump, the children show how adjectives, nouns, verbs and adverbs can enhance their imaginative story writing." 14 minutes of the lesson is available on the website

    Visit to find out more

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