Easy Lake Trails in the Canadian Rockies


There are many hiking trails in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, but often they are long and have difficult terrain. What if you're just looking for a relaxing day trip with some scenery?

As someone who grew up just an hour away from Banff, my family always wanted to go out and enjoy the mountains and scenery.
After many years of weekend trips and day hikes, I can say that picking the right trail really matters.

Here are three lakes that I have visited that have a great combination of trails, scenery, and services. Each of these locations includes shorter trails as well as longer ones with plenty of beautiful sightseeing opportunities.

Lake Louise
Minnewanka Lake
Emerald Lake

Each of these lakes have beautiful scenery and are easy to locate with accommodations nearby. There are many visitors to each of these areas every year during all seasons.
Every location has information booths and signs with directions and distances for each of the trails. Most often you will find a mix of people walking along these trails, from experienced hikers who are only on their initial stretch to reach far-off destinations or large families enjoying the weekend weather.

Many people come to see the color of these lakes, as they range from a deep blue to an emerald green due to the minerals found in the water.
You also have great mountain and glacier views as you walk alongside the lakes. Be sure to take your camera when you go!

For more information you can visit Parks Canada or Canadian Rockies Vacation Guide.