C. lueddemanniana

First described in 1854 and native to Venezuela, Cattleya lueddemanniana is one of the spring-blooming large-flowered unifoliate species. It is variable in terms of color, ranging from light lavender to dark magenta. In fact, this species is noted for having a large number of extremely dark cultivars that have played prominent roles in the pedigrees of many famous deep magenta hybrids. Moreover, Cattleya lueddemanniana boasts flowers with consistently good form, even among typical plants of the species.

Cattleya lueddemanniana is easy to grow, but requires very high light levels for optimum blooming. It is native to lower elevations than many other unifolate species, and appreciates intermediate-to-warm conditions. It typically starts new growths in the winter, and blooms in March or April with no rest period. There may be a second growth over the summer months that typically does not flower.
photo taken on 04-02-10
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