Paph. Iantha Stage

(sukhakulii x rothschildianum)

One of the things that paph fanciers are fond of saying is that there are no bad rothschildianum hybrids. Another thing that is frequently said (usually by the same people) is that there are no bad sukhakulii hybrids. So one might expect a great deal from the primary hybrid between these two most excellent parents. Registered in 1973, Paph. Iantha Stage does not disappoint. The flowers superficially look like enormous sukhakulii, retaining the distinctive petal spots and maculations of that parent. However, rothschildianum bestows the flowers with much larger and boldly-striped dorsals, and of course increases the flower count, which is typically three or more on mature plants. It is no surprise, then, that the grex has been heavily awarded by the AOS and deserves a prominent spot in any paph hybrid collection.
photo taken on 09-03-04
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