Paph. Susan Tucker 'Lottie' HCC/AOS, S/CSA

(Shalimar x F.C. Puddle)

The quest for the elusive white complex paphiopedilum began in the early part of the 20th century with the English orchid gardener F.C. Puddle. It is a line of breeding that has been fraught with difficulty over the years, both in terms of low fertility and small flower size that lagged far behind those of the other complex paphs. Nevertheless, three-quarters of a century of hybridization has produced some absolutely stunning white complexes in recent years, although their rarity still puts them well beyond the grasp of the average paph grower.

Paph. Susan Tucker 'Lottie' is one of the "oldies-but-goodies" in white complex paphs. While many whites have since surpassed it in both size and form, Paph. Susan Tucker remains a very nice example of the type, reliably producing crisp 3.5" snow white flowers with a dusting of fine maroon spots. As is true with most of the white complexes, the flowers open up with distinct yellow overlays that fade to white as the flowers "mature".
photo taken on 12-21-09
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