Paph. rothschildianum (#1)

('Rex' FCC/AOS x 'Mont Millais' FCC/AOS-RHS)

Hailing from the slopes of Mount Kinabalu in Borneo and named after the Victorian orchid grower Baron Ferdinand Rothschild, Paph. rothschildianum is one of the most spectacular members of the genus, and perhaps the entire orchid world as well. It was discovered in 1887 and, over a century later, its majestic flowers still enchant all connoisseurs of the genus paphiopedilum. In recent years, line-breeding has shattered the standard for the species and established a new level of excellence for the spectacular flowers. Paph. rothschildianum is also the parent of innumerable fine hybrids, bequeathing its boldly-striped dorsals, strong stems, and overall stature to its progeny.

Paph. rothschildianum is not a difficult plant to grow, although it can be slow to mature and flower. Bright filtered light is a necessity, and the species prefers intermediate temperatures and plenty of water during the growing season. Flowering on mature plants may be facilitated by providing slightly drier and cooler winter rest periods over several seasons.
photos taken on 02-20-07
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