Phrag. Hanne Popow

(besseae 'Deutschland' x schlimii '#2')

Registered in 1991, Phrag. Hanne Popow was part of the first wave of hybrids from the luminous Phrag. besseae. Hanne Popow is a vigorous grower that produces small but delightful flowers in varying shades of pink, white, and yellow. It is a relatively compact plant as far as phrags go, but does tend to inherit the climbing habit of its schlimii parent, in which the new growth sits a couple of inches above the old growth. Adding a wad of sphagnum moss at the base of the new growth (and misting it daily) will help encourage new root growth, especially under the drier conditions of the windowsill.
photos taken on 01-23-04, 02-15-04
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