Jim Maloney served as Editor for the 11 consecutive issues of the Fort Schuyler MARINER that were published between July 2003 and April 2008. Click one or more of the links below to view or download a pdf copy of the whole magazine or of an individual article where available. A copy of the FSMAA minutes wherein the required conflict of interest evaluation was performed by the Board with respect to the compensation provided to Maloney is available here.

July 2003
New Waves: An Overview of the Tugboat Industry; Changing Regulations for Personnel in the Towing Industry; Reflections of an Admiralty Attorney for Uncle Sam

November 2003
Homecoming 2003; Heritage Hall Inducts Three New Honorees; Preparing Your Facility for the Worst; Marine Insurance: An Overview

March 2004
Eviction Notice from D. A. Edwards, Jr., Esq.; Moving Day; The Saga of Fort Schuyler (James Harvey Tomb (original 1943 manuscript here)); What’s New In Chartering

July 2004
Ahead By A Century; Centennial Celebration A Huge Success; Moving The Concorde; Oil On The Beach

November 2004
Jose Femenia Addresses SUNY Trustees; Book Review: Carry On, Mr. Bowditch; Females From the Fort: Profiles of Some of Maritime's Women Grads; What Good Is Celestial Navigation?)

March 2005
Enviromental Trends in the Cruise Industry; OPA 90’s Role In The War On Terror; Remembering Sheldon Kinney; U.S. Merchant Service and the Iraq Conflict

October 2005
Remembering Joe Gerson; The Man Behind the Fort: Philip Schuyler; The Legend of Hell Gate; Another Anchor Story

July 2006
Searching for Bomhomme Richard; A Ship Grounding Is Only the Beginning of the Disaster; Eileen Femenia Retires; Graduate Programs at USMMA, Mass Maritime

March 2007
More On Rogue Waves; Graduate Program News; Ships Not Quite Passing in the Night; A Brief History Lesson

September 2007
Book Review: So Others May Live; NROTC Change of Command (And a Word About "Tradition"); From One Dome to Three: Fred Dacimo ‘74; Dr. Meir Degani Remembered

April 2008
Book Review: ChiRunning; New York Opposes Indian Point Re-Licensing; White Paper: St. Marys to Empire State; GPS: The Dark Side