Chubby Asian Babies

After LOLCats, memes, and the video of the Kill Bill hamster, chubby Asian babies have finally found their rightful place in internet stardom. They might even be cuter than baby bunnies and puppies. One day, they might just leverage their cuteness to take over the world!
If you normally find yourself losing track of time on the internet while ogling pictures of cute kitties, here is a new distraction for you!
I hope these pictures put a smile on your face.

If you once were a chubby asian baby and would love to see your picture here, feel free to send them to me
here. Send me pictures of your friends, too!
I own the rights to none of these photos, email me if you would like any of these photos removed.

Such a happy monkey!

She's so adorable! Ahh!

This one is a cute!

That double chin!

What is he grabbing?


This one is just super chubbz.

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