Central Harlem Health Revical Week
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Make Health Your Habit
Compared to the rest of New York City, the residents of Central Harlem are:
  • 3 times as likely to die from AIDS
  • twice as likely to die from chronic lung disease, kidney disease, and substance abuse
  • almost twice as likely to die from diabetes and stroke
Central Harlem residents also have higher rates of asthma and heart disease, and in New York City , over 60% of Black and Latino Americans are overweight or obese.
Because of the magnitude of the disparity in the quality of the health and health care of Central Harlem
residents compared with New York City as a whole, the Borough of Manhattan Ecumenical Advisory Group,
convened by the Offiice of Minority Health of the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene,
is planning the Central Harlem Health Revival Week for this September.
The goal of the Central Harlem Health Revival is to:
  • Motivate Central Harlem residents to adopt healthier lifestyles
  • Provide tools and information to empower community residents to advocate for themselves and to learn more
    ways to take better care of their health
  • Raise awareness of the need to focus more health resources and interventions for the Central Harlem community
  • Bring the holistic message of body, mind, and spirit into practice
In order for the Health Revival to be a success, we need the participation of all of Central Harlem. If you are
interested, please sign up for a committee to help plan and implement the programs.
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