There's More to Great Coffee than Caffeine

Here's a list of the Best Coffees and Espressos Brewing Near NYU


Is your tongue all too sophisticated for the muck-in-a-cup street cart? Looking for superior coffee near your NYU dorm, class, or perhaps on your walk from one to the other? Here we will tell you where to go for that smooth, fragrant, blissful cup of mental girth for the long-haul study hours of NYU Winter. Let the cappucino connoiseurs show you the way to cafe heaven. We'll also throw in details about what to order, and which NYU buildings are closest. Enjoy!


Coffee Shop

Address/Nearest NYU Locations Link to their Website Coffee vs. Espresso
Cafe Abraco
86 East 7th Street/ East Village Steinhardt and Tisch Campus Cafe Abraco Iced Espresso Drinks/Olive Oil Cake
Think Coffee
248 Mercer Street/Washington Square Campus Think Coffee Espresso Drinks-cappucino/Iced Coffee
Cafe Grumpy
224 West 20th Street/Tisch Studios in the West 20's Cafe Grumpy Espresso Drinks
71 Irving
71 Irving Place/ Gramercy Green, UHall, Palladium 71 Irving Coffee Drinks/German Chocolate Bar
Joe, The art of Coffee
141 Waverly Place/ Washington Square Campus Joe, The Art or Coffee Espresso Drinks
Balthazar Bakery
80 Spring Street/Broome Street, Lafayette Hall Housing Balthazar Bakery Espresso-cappucino/Croissants
Oren's Daily Roast
31 Waverly Place/ Washington Square Campus Oren's Daily Roast Coffee Drinks- iced coffee
Joe, The Art of Coffee (2)
9 East 13th Street/ 13th Street, Carlyle Court, Union Square Campus Joe, The Art of Coffee Espresso Drinks-cappucino
Grey Dog's Coffee
90 University Place/ Washington Square, Union Square Campus Grey Dog's Coffee Drinks/ French Toast
Think Coffee (2)
201 Bleeker Street/ 2nd Street Student Housing Think Coffee Espresso Drinks-cappucino/Iced Coffee
Oren's Daily Roast (2)
434 Third Avenue/26th Street, University Court Housing Oren's Daily Roast Coffee Drinks-iced coffee
Dean and Deluca
560 Broadway/ Broome Street, Lafayette Hall Housing Dean and Deluca Espresso Drinks-cappucino
Blue Spoon Coffee Company
76 Chambers Street/ Lafayette Hall Housing Blue Spoon Coffee Coffee Drinks
Grey Dog's Coffee (2)
33 Carmine Street/Greenwich Hotel Housing Grey Dog's Coffee Drinks/ French Toast

If you have your own input, and have seen, smelled, and tasted a superior roast near NYU, please contact us at NYUCoffeeCritique.

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