Louis La Volpe   

As NYU Film School's production supervisor for over twenty years, I have worked closely with various chairs and heads of study in launching and/or refining many pivotal production courses at the Maurice Kanbar Institute of Film & TV.

During this period, the program evolved from traditional film based technology; to digital and new media; to high-definition (HD) video. Each hurdle was a huge challenge not only in terms of pedagogy, but funding and infrastructure, as well.

It was a wild ride, to say the least, but providing students with perhaps the finest education in the art and craft of filmmaking was truly rewarding. There is no other film school quite like NYU. It certainly has one of the largest production facilities in the world.

The institute's Sony Production Center houses over 200 film and digital cameras that support 125 production class rigs. There are another 60 audio rigs dedicated to sound craft classes and over 50 digital video cameras with assorted support equipment available to students on a walk-in basis, independent of their class rigs.

The Production Center provides over 70 tech seminars on this equipment at the start of each semester. In addition, there is an in-house production office that provides students with comprehensive support for everything from shooting permits to SAG documentation to liability/property insurance for location shooting.

Despite this, or perhaps because of it, I believe that film education should be available to anyone who wants to learn how to make movies, not just university students. After all, not everyone has the time and resources to attend a top film school. Consequently, I am an advocate of both approaches, whatever works best for your situation.

To this end, I have created the website FilmSchoolOnline.com. Here is a link to some of my writings: Filmmaking Articles by Lou La Volpe. I hope that you find them helpful. Best of luck in your creative endeavors! -Lou