The (Rock) Concert-Goer's Guide to Etiquette

A Comprehensive Look Into Correct (Rock) Concert Enjoyment

Though they seem to be all fun and games (usually sans games), a typical concert should be taken extremely seriously.

Depending on the type of music (rock, hardcore, hardcore-rock, emo, screamo, indie, indie-rock, indie-dance-pop, indie-dance-pop-rock, etc), the audience expectations range from strict, to near-deadly.

The knowledge of correct concert behavior is critical to your enjoyment of the show, as well as your enjoyment of those around you.

(Your behavior at a Dashboard concert for example, could get you literally killed at a (better?) show with attendees less...weepy. (No offense intended))

The following guide has been shamelessly compiled by a fellow concert-goer (myself) from my own experience(s).



Stuff other people said helped too. (I guess)


The Guide:

(To Concert-ing)


I. Choosing a show that 'fits.'

What's right for you? (In the musical sense)

II. Procuring Tickets

Proper Procedure

III. Concert Attire

The "do's" and "don'ts" of the concert fashionista

IV. Getting to the show

Practicality is key

V. Getting through the doors

What to bring, how to act, and how to seem older than you really are

VI. Pre-Concert Behavior

How to find a good "spot", and how to properly wait

VII. Opening Act Behavior

How to act during opening acts ranging from bad, to 'mind-meltingly brilliant'

VIII. Set Change Behavior

Key word is 'Respect'

IX. Waiting for the Headliner

Patience young grasshopper, patience

X. Headlining act behavior

How to dance, avoid beer stains, and punch that tall guy that always ends up in the front

XI. After the Show

For the groupie, stalker, and fan-girl/boy in all of us





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