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International Bookmobiles

On this page you will find information on

  • Searching the internet for resources about bookmobiles outside the US
  • Selected international bookmobiles of interest
  • A selected bibliography of additional resources

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Conducting Internet Research on International Bookmobiles

Research Using Search Engines

Bookmobile in other languages

When conducting research using a search engine such as Google, it can be helpful to have a list of translations of the word bookmobile.

    Autobücherei (German)
      Bibliobus(Spanish, French)
        Bibliomovil (Spanish)
          Biblioteca ambulante (Spanish, Portuguese)
            Biblioteca móvel (Portuguese)
              Bibliothèque mobile (French)
                Bücherbus (German)
                  Fahrbibliothek (German)
                    Kirjastoauto (Finnish)
                      Mobiele bibliotheek (Dutch)

                    Suggested search strings for use in Google

                    It is possible to limit your searches to websites with domain names from specific countries. For example, the domain name for official French websites is ".fr" Use the following search strings to limit your search by country. A full list of country domain names can be found here.

                      biblioteca ambulante
                        biblioteca ambulante
                          biblioteca ambulante
                            bibliothèque mobile

                            Research Using Library Catalogs

                            When using library card catalogs, it is helpful to have a list of subject headings for your topic. Here is a list of suggested subject headings for researching bookmobiles outside the US:

                            • Bookmobiles
                            • Bookmobiles -- Country Name
                            • Bookmobiles -- Country Name -- Congresses
                            • Bookmobiles -- Country Name -- History
                            • Library Extension
                            • Library Extension -- Country Name
                            • Library Outreach Programs
                            • Library Outreach Programs -- Country Name

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                            Selected International Bookmobiles of Interest

                            The Camel Bookmobile of Kenya

                            Some libraries do not have the resources to maintain an automobile for use as a mobile library. The Kenya National Library Service runs several bookmobiles using camels to transport library materials from town to town.

                            Camel Bookmobile
                            Source: Camel Book Drive

                            Other Resources

                            Kenya National Library Service Website:

                            View a gallery of images of camel bookmobiles here:

                            View a video of a camel bookmobile here:

                            Visit the Camel Book Drive website here:

                            The Donkey Drawn Bookmobile of Zimbabwe

                            The Discovery Channel Global Education Partnership, in cooperation with Rural Libraries for Resource Development, has established a donkey drawm library in Northwestern Zimbabwe. The libraries are solar powered, and provide access to books, videos, fax machines, telephones, radio and internet.

                            Source: IFLA

                            Other Resources

                            For more information on the program, visit the Discovery Channel Global Education Partnership website here:

                            View a video of the donkey drawn mobile library here:

                            Read an article about the donkey drawn mobile library here:

                            Bookmobiles Sponsored by Argentina's Library of Congress, or Biblioteca del Congreso de la Nación

                            The Biblioteca del Congreso de la Nación of Argentina has sponsored numerous bookmobiles throughout the country. They provide books, videos and internet access. They also sponsor cultural activities such as concerts and outdoor chess tables.

                            Source: Biblioteca del Congreso de la Nación

                            Other Resources

                            Visit the Biblioteca del Congreso de la Nación, Argentina website here:

                            Visit the Bookmobile website of the Biblioteca del Congreso de la Nación here:

                            View a gallery of images of the Argentine bookmobiles here:

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                            Selected Websites of Interest

                            • International Federation of Library Associations and Institutions
                            • IFLA Journal:
                            • IFLA Conference Proceedings:
                            • IFLA World Report Series

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