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The United States Bookmobile Today

While bookmobile services have slightly declined over the past two decades, the bookmobile remains an integral part of the American cultural landscape. With the exception of Maine, all U.S. states offer traveling branch library service, with Kentucky leading the pack at 98 bookmobiles!

Bookmobiles still serve their traditional rural audience, but have also become a reliable figure in urban communities suffering from library cutbacks and renovations, such as Brooklyn and Queens. Other urban public library systems, such as Chicago and Los Angeles, have established bookmobile programs that target senior citizens, child-care centers and disabled patrons, in addition to urban neighborhoods lacking nearby branch locations. New Orleans utilizes bookmobiles extensively as they struggle to rebuild following the destruction of half of their branch libraries by Hurricane Katrina.

Bookmobiles are not just for public libraries, either, with established projects such as the Internet Archive Bookmobile and Mobilivre making cross-country jaunts to cities and towns nationwide.

What you will find on this page

On this page you will find information about the state of bookmobile in the United States today, including bibliographies for adults and children, selected weblinks, and some examples of bookmobile memorabilia.

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Bookmobile Bibliography for Adults


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Juvenile Bibliography

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Summary: A "career story about a girl who learns to love the thing she dislikes the most: being a librarian on a bookmobile in New England." - Publisher's advertisement.

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Summary: Why would anyone break into a bookmobile and take nothing? The Spotlight Club investigates.

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Summary: A librarian named Mavis McGrew introduces the animals in the zoo to the joy of reading when she drives her bookmobile to the zoo by mistake.

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Selected Websites of Interest

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US Bookmobile Guidelines
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Collaborative effort with schools and agencies & public libraries – short article

Sites with photos of current US bookmobiles
Photo and small article of an itty bitty bookmobile
Internet bookmobile photos of books bound on bookmobile
Photos of bookmobiles in a few states with links to bookmobile sites

100th year anniversary

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Bookmobile Memorabilia

This selection of memorabilia was found on ebay.

The first picture is a set of figurines at a bookmobile. This is a section of the Original Snow Village figurine set, originally issued in 1993 and was retired in 1995 and is now a collectors item.

Bookmobile figurine for sale on Ebay

The second picture is of a rare1966 Golden Book bookmobile pull toy. This book box is in the form of a truck with 4 plastic wheels that move. There are15 4” by 4” soft cover books in the back of the truck.

Bookmobile toy for sale on Ebay

The third item is a postcard of a 1958 Chevrolette bookmobile. The are a variety of bookmobile postcards circulating in postcard collector circles. These postcards are mainly of bookmobiles from the late 1950s through the 1960s

Tandem bookmobile advertising card for sale on Ebay

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