Marko Klašnja
Post-Doctoral Fellow
Center for the Study of Democratic Politics
307A Robertson Hall
Princeton University
Princeton, NJ 08544-1013

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Education and Human Capital Externalities: Evidence from Colonial Benin

with Leonard Wantchekon and Natalija Novta

Forthcoming in the Quarterly Journal of Economics

☞ Online Appendix

Increasing Rents and Incumbency Disadvantage

Forthcoming in the Journal of Theoretical Politics

Pocketbook vs. Sociotropic Corruption Voting

with Joshua Tucker and Kevin Deegan-Krause

Forthcoming in the British Journal of Political Science

☞ Online Appendix ☞ Replication archive

Segregation, Polarization, and Ethnic Conflict

with Natalija Novta

Forthcoming in the Journal of Conflict Resolution

☞ Online Appendix ☞ Replication archive

The Economy, Corruption, and the Vote: Evidence from Experiments in Sweden and Moldova

with Joshua Tucker

Electoral Studies, 2013, 32(3), 536-543

☞ Online Appendix ☞ Replication archive

Electoral Rules, Forms of Government, and Political Budget Cycles in Transition Countries

Panoeconomicus, 2008, 3(2), 185-218

The EU and Kosovo: Time to Rethink the Enlargement and Integration Policy?

Problems of Post-Communism, 2007, 54(4), 15-32

Working papers

Corruption and the Incumbency Disadvantage: Theory and Evidence

☞ Online Appendix

Uninformed Voters and Corrupt Incumbents

☞ Online Appendix

The Incumbency Curse: Weak Parties, Term Limits, and Unfulfilled Accountability

with Rocío Titiunik

☞ Online Appendix

Political Corruption Traps

with Andrew Little and Joshua Tucker

☞ Online Appendix

Private Gains, Public Office: A Vignette Experiment in North India In Progress

with Simon Chauchard and S.P. Harish

Strategic Territory and Conflict In Progress

with Natalija Novta

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