Racial and Ethnic Relations
Second Writing Assignment: Race and Ethnicity in New York City

Paper due in class on Monday, June 20th

This paper asks you to explore the demographic history of a specific racial or ethnic group in New York City. You should find data that explores the geographic areas within or near New York City where this group is concentrated, what other groups your chosen group lives near or interacts with, how much segregation your group experiences, what jobs your group is concentrated in, what poverty/crime/education rates in the groups’ neighborhoods look like, when this group arrived in New York City, and what changes the group has experienced since arrival. In addition, if possible, you should go to at least one neighborhood where the group is concentrated and describe what signs of racial or ethnic identity or racial or ethnic segregation/integration you sense when walking the streets of that neighborhood.

Your paper should be 4-6 pages long, not including any data tables or maps. It should be in a standard 12-point font, double-spaced, with 1 inch margins. All sources should be properly cited. Late papers will be penalized 1 point per day. All tables and images should be properly formatted with titles and sources noted. You are expected to rely on course readings in your paper to help explore the relationships you find.

You should turn in a copy of the paper plan sheet by Wednesday, June 8th to guarantee your choice of group to research. I am working to ensure diversity in research choices so that the class as a whole can learn as much as possible. You should be prepared to speak at any point after the paper’s due date if questions on the demographics of the group you researched come up.

Detailed instructions to help you find the data you need for the paper are available, though you are welcome to go about this in any way you choose.

GRADING: This paper is worth 20 points.
2 points for proper academic writing style with introduction, conclusion, and citations
2 points for use of course readings
4 points for presentation of data
4 points for discussion of present demographic conditions
4 points for discussion of historical changes
4 points for discussion of intersections and relationships to education, crime, and poverty

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