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Guide to the True Intellectual Modern Man


The gathering of knowledge throughout one's life is pivotal to the development of the self. Contrasting the notion of specialization in today's society, all of the past's masters of the mind absorbed everything and anything around them. The possession of a general understanding of a diverse spectrum of topics along with a focus on a couple of these matters is the ideal combination to become a truly intelligent and knowledgeable individual.

The biggest conformity on our mind is put in place by society itself. Our society imposes certain values upon us and we take these approaches to the world as what is correct and must be used. The metropolitan bubble we live in blurs the culture and mentality of the world outside of our Western ideals and a simple read of, for example, Africa will never supply us with the complex dynamics of this continent and how starkly different their view of the world actually is. Personal experience is the key factor in building our database of information. The sensory information along with the analysis of facts is another level above the simple memorization of information. Subjecting yourself to unknown, taboo, or conflicting subject matters and thought is the most important thing anyone can do. One then can see both side of a particular argument, relate to topics across generation barriers, and deftly converse with anyone one encounters with confidence. Reading books, magazines, newspapers,watching television and even listening to music all are building blocks in the formation of an information database that serves as a foundation for the Intellectual Modern Men we wish to become.

Sport and Physical Prowess

The goals of an olympian or bodybuilder are not meant to be embodied by every man, but the maintenance of our bodies is foundational to our being. Exercise builds muscle strength from what can be seen from the exterior (Pectoral muscles, biceps, etc.), but also bring about the health of the most important working part of our body, our brain. Constant physical activity, no matter what it is, ensures the reduction of heart disease and a myriad of other serious illnesses that can shorten the span of time we as men have to leave an impact on the world we reside in.

Individuals that regularly have some sort of physical activity during the day are more organized and manage their time better. They still have the same day-to-day activities, but now also spend time maintaining their health and well-being.

Social Contribution

A common misconception of intellectuals is the stated lack of a social life. In order to truly flourish as an intellectual modern man one was cultivate one's social life in order to support personal sanity and mental health. A man that has strong interpersonal is more likely to further his network of acquaintances, friends, and assets. Overall, as stated before, it is the ultimate goal of the modern man to make an impact on society and a large portion of that is facilitated through social means.

But before one can focus on interpersonal relations one's own personality is imperative and requires a lot of attention and maintenance. Realizing one's potential and building from that point guarantees betterment throughout one's life and helps optimize what we can offer to the world. Learn to isten. Everyone wants to be heard and given feedback. Learn the art of conversation. Manage the right balance of caring for what the other person has to say, as well as, supplying specific input and development from your end. Social dynamics are a difficult art to master. No single person can get along with each and every person they meet. Becoming an open individual will solve any conflicts that can arise through interactions and fostering this type of demeanor is actually one of the strongest assets one can have.

Contribution to one's community is a vital part of maintaining a healthy social life. Making sure one is aware of the happenings in society, both locally and nationally, allows one to identify within the society and assess what one can change to possibly remedy the negative factors that surround us.

Guide to Pseudo-intellectuality (preemptive steps to actual worldliness)

1. Memory Mastery

Rote memorization has become the vanity that envelopes us students today. We derive no understanding from what we learn and even more so, we forget the material we put so much effort to remember almost instantaneously after it has been utilized for its task. The reason for this is the fault of our presiding education system and the way it approaches understanding and studying. This system does not in any way shape or form take into account how our brains function and process information. Our brain is formed by the interconnection of billions and billions of neurons and each thought and memory we process incites a specific pattern of what neurons are activated defining the distinct network that forms these ideas.

This notion is replicated tangibly through the use of what are called Mind Maps. A general topic is is identified and then associated ideas branch out from that main concept. This "node" arrangement serves to emulate the way our minds function and allow a flow of logic to occur during studying and fosters the prolonged understanding and memory of what is learned. Each and every one of us have lived a concrete example portraying that our minds work through association. We have at least at one point in ours lives tried to iterate something, but for some reason it has escaped our thoughts. Sometimes, no matter how much you try in that presiding mindset you cannot bring back what we wanted to say or remember. Later, after we have stopped trying to recall what it is that we forgot and we continue on with our day usually, suddenly at some point an action or unrelated thought brings to mind exactly what we forgot before! This proves the notion that our memory is molded by a complex network of associations and one thought triggers a specific neuron to fire another and another finally progressing on a specific route as our thoughts continue.

Changing the way we approach studying and the absorbing of knowledge can dramatically increase our performance in the matter and form a perception of superior intellect when compared to the people that simply learn material the wrong way. Further techniques to further one's memory through the usage of memory palaces and association should read the book "Moonwalking with Einstein" by Joshua Foer.

2. Speed Reading

The means in which we acquire the majority of our knowledge comes from the process of reading that material. In order to look the part of a genius that in a public setting can read a page per 15 seconds will amaze anyone caring to glance in their direction. In actuality, this is not an empty trick as the reason why the majority of us readers read at about one page per minute is due to two factors: the saccadic movements of our eyes and back-skipping through subconscious thought. We unknowingly subvocalize the words that we read due to our focus on single words moving from left to right to formulate sentences in our minds. By the simple usage of a "tracker" or simply put our fingers or a pen, we can allow our eyes to focus on the line itself fostering faster movement form line to line.

As with anything practice is imperative. Benchmarking oneself and by utilizing these simple techniques with all of our reading one can truly master the principle and grow a means to read very quickly with comprehension. A great website that helps in the training of this technique is Spreeder, and online software that furthers the analysis of the principle of speed reading and even allows the user to input text they need to read and it will be relayed on the computer screen in its optimal speed reading form.

3. Solving a Rubik's Cube

Since the 1980's craze of the Rubik's Cube worldwide, it has become the primary marker for "intelligent" individuals and people with high IQs. This of course is not really the case as anyone can learn to quickly assemble a Rubik's Cube. The entire solution is based on schematics that once memorized guarantee solving the puzzle in around 3 minutes time. Just the fact that a person can do it places them on a higher pedestal when compared to others. For people that truly want to become masters in the art of solving the Rubik's Cube should consider looking into speed cubing and the memorization of the algorithms leading to the optimal solution given the present configuration of the cube. A fantastic website that teaches every aspect of the Rubik's Cube is Badmephisto's Cubing Page.