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Guide to the Man's Drinking Games

While drinking games are an aid to quaffing quickly, the object of most games is to avoid getting drunk, at least relative to other players. Here is a collection of popular and ingenious games. Penalties are either buying a round of drinks or taking a drink, the latter of which can take three forms: 1.) A drink- Reduce the contents of your glass by at least two fingers width. 2.) A glass-Intake a standard serving; the size depends on the drink. 3.) Emptying glass- Finish the contents of your glass. This means that the glass must not be more than inch full after it has been emptied.


The goal of this popular game is to throw a quarter into a specified glass by bouncing it off the surface of a hard table. Everyone sits around table with an empty shot glass in the center, an old-fashioned drinking glass can be used instead for easier play. A player tries to bounce a quarter into the glass. If the attempt fails, the coin is passed clockwise; if the attempt succeeds, thrower chooses who must drink, usually a small glass of beer and throws again. If the quarter bounces off the edge of the glass but does not fall in, the player gets another throw. If this happens three times in a row, however, he must drink a glass of beer and play continues to his left. Accurate bouncing requires a certain knack which, once learned, comes readily.


This game can be played within other games, one person is chosen to be Master of Thumbs. Every time he places his thumb on the edge of the table, everyone else must too. The last person to do so must empty his glass, and he becomes the new Master. To discourage cheats, anyone who has his thumb on the table when the Master does not must also finish his glass.

Pennies in a Pitcher

This simple game allows considerable psychological and strategic play. Everyone sits in a circle, and a pitcher of beer is passed around clockwise. Each time a person receives the pitcher he must drink from it directly or pour some of it into his glass and drink before passing. The person to the right of the one who empties the contents of the pitcher must buy the next round. The strategy has two regimes: if the pitcher is near full it is advantageous to drink only a small amount, and pass; whereas if it is near empty, it is best to finish it. Alternatively, the game can be turned into a betting game. Each time someone drinks from the pitcher, he must add fixed a amount of money to a pot. Whoever finishes the pitcher collects the money.

Beer Pong

To play this popular game you need a hard, rectangular table, a table tennis ball, and 12 or 20 identical cups. On each end of the table six or 10 cups filled with beer are arranged in a triangular formation, with the base of the triangle flush against the table edge and centered along it. The amount of beer per cup can vary, but a can per three cups is common. Two teams, of two players each, play against each other as follows. A player attempts to throw the ball, which may bounce first, into any of the cups on the opposite side one of three strategies is used: an arc shot, a fastball, or a bounce shot. If the player succeeds, a member of the opposite team must drink the contents of the glass that the ball landed in. The ball is then given to the other member of the same team, who throws as before; play then passes to the opposing team. The first team to eliminate all of the other team's cups wins and the losing team must drink the contents of the winners' remaining glasses. Here are some variations, sometimes called house rules" (1) If both players make their shots, they each get another turn. (2) Each team is allowed a fixed number of reracks rearranging the cups which they are aiming for so they are closer together (3) If a ball bounces, the opposing team may try from the cups by striking it.

Boat race and flip cup

Boat race, named after the annual oxford and Cambridge rowing competition, is a beer-drinking relay race in which two or more equal-sized teams compete. Sitting along a table, each team member has before him a glass of beer. Players are not allowed to touch their glasses before their turn. At a fixed time, the first members of each team start to empty their glasses. When someone finishes his glass, he places it back on the table and the player ahead of him begins to drink. The first team to finish wins. Flip cup is a variation on boat race in which each player must flip his cup upside down after he finishes drinking. The cups are usually plastic and disposable. To flip, the empty cup is placed upright on the edge of the table such that part of the base protrudes. The object is to flip the cup with an upward motion from one hand such that it lands upside down. A player takes as many chances as he needs. Play passes when he succeeds.