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The Intellectual Modern Man

Every individual must strive to reach their peak of potential. The fast-paced, never-ending game of getting ahead diverts us from our purpose in life. In a vastly specialized society it is nearly impossible to find one's place or at a basic level be recognized by the people that surround us. We exist to leave some form of a positive impact on the societies we live in or even on a global scale.

One may move to simply be recognized as an "intellectual" and work to strengthen the surface level elements that have substance, but are used to trick others into believing one has depth. For example, knowing how to solve a rubies' cube, speed-read, or memorize 2,000 randomly chosen digits (see Guide) is an exemplification of motivation, time, and patience but they are not key defining attributes of what can be considered an "Intellectual Modern Man".

The true modern man must work to embody all sectors of knowledge and derives decisions from a multitude of diverse, past experiences. A worldliness to an individual is a true measure of their skills and intelligence. All fields of development are taken into consideration and allow the man to understand himself and the world around him to an extent that allow a progressive betterment of self and of the society we exist in. (also see Guide)

The ultimate reference to a Renaissance Man is Leonardo da Vinci, a figure all of us aspiring Intellectual Modern Men should look up to.

by NYU Student Mateusz Swulinski