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Title: membership

how to join

At the start of each semester, the Beta Iota chapter here at New York University has an Open House Information Session where everyone can come and learn more about the chapter and Alpha Phi Omega. Please check the Announcements page for more specific details on the date, time, and location.

All prospective members (pledges) who are interested in joining APO have to go through a pledging process. This usually lasts for about 6-9 weeks, and it gives pledges a chance to meet and get to know active members not just here from the university, but all across the nation as well. Pledges are also given the opportunity to learn more about the organization, and to participate in its many events. Each year, we conduct dozens of community service projects (e.g. AIDS Walk, blood drives, Halloween parties for hospitalized children, etc.), in addition to our many social events (dinners, movies, parties).

The purpose of this pledging process is to give prospective members a chance to evaluate APO for themselves, and to decide if it is something they would dedicate themselves to as full-fledged participants. It also gives active members the opportunity to interact with pledges, so that we can decide if they are suitable for membership. The only thing we really look for is a sincere desire for community service.

Please note that Alpha Phi Omega is a co-ed fraternity, but despite what has been depicted on television and the media on “fraternal life” elsewhere, APO has an extremely strict NO HAZING policy. We would never force any prospective or active member to do anything that would discomfort or embarrass them. First and foremost, the Beta Iota chapter is an organization committed to service and friendship.

If you have any further questions about the pledging process or our organization, please feel free to check the F.A.Q., or e-mail us at the address listed on the Contact page.