Peter Sokol-Hessner, Ph.D.

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I study affect and decision-making. Classic theories describe the influence of affect as "hot", automatic, and often irrational, in opposition to "cold," controlled, rational cognition, but this simplistic dichotomy ignores the complexity of both affect and decision-making. My research combines computational behavioral models of value and learning with psychological theories of affect and self-regulation, and measures and manipulations of components of emotion and the brain. By leveraging psychology, economics, and neuroscience, I seek to develop a more nuanced, sophisticated understanding of affect and decision-making.

My approach is captured in two main goals: first, to identify specific links between unique components of affect and specific decision processes, and second, to understand how techniques used to change emotions can be used to change choices.

I am currently a Postdoctoral Fellow with Nathaniel Daw and Elizabeth Phelps in the Psychology Department at New York University. I received my PhD in Psychology from NYU in Professor Phelps' lab, and went on to a two year Postdoctoral Fellowship in Neuroeconomics with Antonio Rangel at Caltech before my current postdoc.

A recent copy of my CV is available here (updated 11/10/14).


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  • New York University, New York, NY, USA
    • Ph.D. in Psychology, May 2010
    • M.A. in Psychology, January 2009
  • Dartmouth College, Hanover, NH, USA
    • B.A. in Psychological and Brain Sciences, June 2004


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