Treatment Plans

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Dr. Rabenou integrates the results of his medical evaluation and laboratory testing to develop an individualized care plan for each patient.  For calcium stone formers, we develop strategies to decrease urine calcium levels and to increase urinary citrate levels.  Citrate prevents stones.  For our patients with uric acid stones, we use medications to dissolve the stones. 

Dr. Rabenou uses his experience as an internist and nephrologist to integrate the treatment of your stones with your other medical conditions. 

Common strategies are listed below:

Calcium Oxalate Stones:

  • Lower urinary calcium levels through diet or medications.

  • Decrease urinary oxalate levels most typically through diet.

  • Increase urinary citrate levels.

Uric Acid Stones:

  • Decrease urine acidity in order to dissolve stones.

  • Dietary evaluation and modification.

  • Monitor and adjust urine acidity (i.e. urine pH).

  • Evaluate for underlying diabetes and/or metabolic syndrome.

  • Management of hypertension which is very common with uric acid stones.