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An "Objectified" Competency-Based Course in the Management of Malocclusion and Skeletal Problems

This publication, written by my mentor Dr. Mitchell Lipp, is the result of the development and evaluation of a competency-based course in predoctoral orthodontics at New York University College of Dentistry that he designed. During my undergraduate dental education, I assisted Dr. Lipp in finding the diagnostic records and aided in the diagnostic cast analysis lecture used in this course. During my graduate education, my research was on the evaluation of this course, hence my acknowledgement, published in the Journal Of Dental Education (May 2008, Pages 543-552).

I am proud to see that the development and analysis of this course has continued with the aid of other students at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Thank you Dr. Lipp for sharing your brilliance with other educators. I hope the course will be replicated at many universities, so that the general dentist will have a better foundation for diagnosing and treating limited orthodontic cases in their practice.

Digital Hand-Wrist Radiographs for Evaluating Skeletal Maturation

This publication came as a solution to a patient's concern I was treating this past December. Published in the Journal Of Clinical Othodontics (August 2007, Pages 458-459).

Neil Diamond - Forever NYU

During the NYU 2002 Commencement, Neil Diamond sang Forever NYU which he wrote specifically for that occasion. (video is available - around 02:50:00) The mp3 was converted from the above clip. ©2002 Neil Diamond.

TECHNIQUE CLINIC: Acrylic Occlusal Rim

This publication was inspired by my attending during Orthodontic Residency. May this technique offer a better way of treating patients. Published in the Journal Of Clinical Othodontics (July 2006, Page 418).

How My Profession Chose Me

Hopefully this will be the first of many publications. Starting out as my essay to gain entrance to Dental School, this piece of writing, was later published in The New York State Dental Journal (June/July 1997, Volume 63 Number 6, Pages 79-80).

Unofficial Update: Bookmark LinkChecker

Netscape Communicator had the ability to "Update Bookmarks" and this feature was missing from Internet Explorer. Torisugari created an extension to duplicate this functionality with Firefox and it worked very well until v1.5 when there was a compatibility issue.

What's new from 0.6.8? I updated the min/maxVersions, the global constant names as well as the tree selection object. Thank you Venkman debugger!

(no warranties expressed or implied, install at your own risk :)

Mozilla Supported!

Online Administrative Feedback Form

The CGI Resource Index As of January 12, 1998, "The CGI-Resource Index" added my script to their Perl/Guestbooks page! - CGI-JAVA-PERL and Much More. As of January 24, 1998, "ScriptSearch" added my script to their Perl:Scripts and Programs:Guestbooks page!

Version: 1.0 - Released: 5/97 - Free
Created from Matt's Guestbook and his WWWBoard Admin, this Online Administrative Feedback Form offers paginated guestbook entries (10 entries/page) as well admin can delete entries via check-box online form and can ban/unban ips.
After searching the net for an online administrative guestbook, I decided to learn PERL and make my own! To the best of my knowledge this is the only freeware administrative guestbook in the world. Please use it and modify it as you wish. All I ask is to drop me an email, as to the changes and where abouts of the script.

Currently it is in use at:
  • Home Page of Randy J. Weinstein: Feedback Form
  • LightHouse Feedback Form
  • Suggestion Box
  • Classified Ads
  • Suggestion Box
  • AES Guestbook
  • Suggestion Box
  • Snow's Guestbook
  • Square Paradise Guestbook
  • Down in it Motorsports
  • Suggestion Box
  • Kay Enns' Studio, Art with a Difference
  • G�stebuch
  • Setup is a snap. Simply create a file called "entries" with the contents:

         <!--Name/Pwd: WebAdmin:aepTOqxOi4i8U-->
         <!--Restrict IP: -->
         <!--Add Here: 0-->
    The default Name/Pwd will be WebAdmin/WebBoard. The rest of the information will be changed in the actual script. Such as a base URL, directories, program locations, your name and EMail address, as well as if entries may contain HTML or not. That's it! If you like, you may wish to modify the "header" subroutine to add a nice header to your feedback form. Please don't remove lines in this section, but feel free to add as you wish. (I'm allowed some credit for writing the script eh?)

    Any further questions, please consult the Readme and FAQ's for both of Matt's Guestbook and WWWBoard Admin. If you are still not able to get it working, feel free to drop me an email, and ask away!

    Special thanks to Matt's Script Archive. This script started as a combination of his Guestbook, Version 2.3.1 as well as his WWWBoard Admin, Version 2.0 ALPHA 2. Also I would like to shout to Randal Schwartz who helped me learn PERL and answered lots of questions.

    Well, what are you waiting for? download (chmod 755 it!
    You'll also need the entries (chmod 600 entries) file.


    Critical Mass Award In October of 1997, my home page won it's first and only award. Having informative content, good design and a presentation that is easy to navigate won this site the Critical Mass Award!