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What does it mean to lose oneself in someone else? How is it possible that the mere physical presence of another human can make us believe we can conquer the world, or, conversely, make us feel lonely and incapable? Does human interaction mediated by technological interfaces affect communicative success? The Mutual Wave Projects explore one of the most fundamental questions of human nature, one that lies at the very core of artistic, scientific, and technological inquiry: what does it mean to be 'connected' to another person? The projects described below are interactive neurofeedback installations and neuroscience experiments that embody the elusive notion of 'being on the same wavelength' with another person through brainwave synchronization. >> VIDEO
image: Sandra Kaas
>> the mutual wave machine
suzanne dikker & matthias oostrik
with peter burr, diederik schoorl, matthew patterson curry

Enclosed by an intimate capsule and immersed in an audiovisual environment that responds and reflects their shared brain activity, two visitors can directly experience and manipulate their internal efforts to approach or distance themselves from each other. During the experience, greater brainwave synchronization is reflected in greater vividness and more coherent and recognizable audiovisual patterns, while lack of synchronization strays towards dark audio-visual chaos: a faint ringing in the ears and static in the retinas. >> VIDEO

Nemo Science Center, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, November 2014.
Lexus Hybrid Art, Moscow, July-August 2014.
Silicon Valley Contemporary, San Jose, USA, April 2014.
Eye Institute, Amsterdam, the Netherlands, November 2013.
TodaysArt, The Hague, the Netherlands, September 2013.
image: Maxim Lubimov, Garage Center for Contemporary Culture
>> measuring the magic of mutual gaze
marina abramovic, suzanne dikker, matthias oostrik
& participants of the annual watermill art and science: insights into consciousness workshop.

Measuring the Magic of Mutual Gaze restages Marina Abramovic' durational performance piece The Artist is Present (MoMA, 2010) as an interactive art installation/neuroscience experiment investigating the relationship between human connectedness and brainwave synchronization. During the experience, two participants sit opposite each other and engage in mutual gaze for 30 minutes while their EEG signal is recorded and visualized in real time. Whenever the participants' brainwaves oscillate in synchrony, this is shown through a lightning animation connecting the two model brains. >> VIDEO

Marina Abramovic: The Artist is Present, the Garage Center of Contemporary Culture, Moscow, Fall 2011.
SOFT CONTROL: Art, Science and the Technological Unconscious. Slovenia, November 2012.
Sleuthing the Mind exhibit. Manhattan Pratt Gallery, New York, Fall 2014. (documentation only)
image: still from neurofeedback visualization
>> mutual brainwaves lab
suzanne dikker & matthias oostrik

Mutual Brainwaves Lab is a simple, scaled-down neurofeedback interactive that tracks and visualizes brain-to-brain synchronization as two heads merging in and out of each other. Compared to the other projects, the emphasis is tilted toward the educational potential of visualizing brainwave synchrony in real-time: the playful environment is intended as a family-friendly neuroscience educational tool, with an emphasis on raising awareness about the scientific process, and the state of neuroscience research more broadly. >> VIDEO

IMPAKT Festival Utrecht, the Netherlands, October 2014.
NeuroTango, Cantina Royal, Brooklyn, March 2014.
Brain Games, National Geographic Channel, aired January 2014.
The American Museum of Natural History, Brain Awareness Week, March 2013.
World Science Festival, New York, May 2013.
Basilica, Hudson, NY, November 2013.
image: Kate Moxham
>> compatibility racer
lauren silbert, jennifer silbert, suzanne dikker, matthias oostrik, oliver hess & amanda parkes.

Compatibility Racer is a competitive, interactive brain-robotics installation in which brainwave synchronization is translated into the speed of a cart: the more in sync participants' brains, the faster the cart moves along a track. >> VIDEO

Kulturpark Berlin, Germany, June 2012.

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