Barbie 1 Family Clones and Competitors

Doll Reference is a really useful site, sorts alphabetically by manufacturer, and links to lots of pictures and descriptions. For example: American Character (Tressy, Mary Makeup, Cricket), Eegee (Babette, Miss Babette), Ideal (Glamour Misty, Miss Clairol, Misty, Mitzi, Tammy, Tuesday Taylor) and Uneeda (Suzette, Miss Suzette, Wendy, Bob).

The following is the list I've compiled of clone doll names and manufacturers, with links to jpgs (largely acquired from eBay):

  • Babette (Eegee) - I have a blond doll I believe is a Babette. Don't know where she came from, but she does have the EG stamp on her head (I think). And there's a rare black version as well.
  • Babs - box says "Babs the Teenage Fashion Model Made in British Crown Colony of Hong Kong". Looks severe like Bild Lilli. Wardrobe booklet for Babs, Randy and Bill. A couple of MIB outfits. Neat early 60's stuff.
  • Bob (Uneeda/WT Grant) - from the 50's/60's; has a pretty big head and is scary-looking.
  • Gina
  • Glamour Misty
  • Kay
  • Leslo Imports - outfit marked 1964. Drawings of dolls and outfits look identical to Barbie.
  • Maddie Mod (Mego) -also has some cool clothes. Link to my Maddie Mod page (newly begun).
  • Martine
  • Maxi Mod (Shillman) - Frilly Formal, probably early 70's. Here's a great bunch of photos of someone's Maxi Mod collection on Flickr.
  • Mini-Mod (Shillman) - doll pictured is from 1978.
  • Miss Clairol Glamour Misty
  • Miss Teen (Shillman)
  • Miss Marlene
  • Missy-Mod (Edico Promotions) - So far I've seen only clothing, no dolls. Link to my Missy-Mod page. I've got three out of the 19 outfits MIB.
  • Misty (Ideal)
  • Mitzi (Ideal)
  • Nanette
  • Pepper (Skipper size)
  • Polly Jr.
  • Shillman - Raincoat pictured is apparently called Slick Chick - love the pattern and the packaging!
  • Suzette (Uneeda)
  • Suzette clothes by Simpsons Sears - look at this fabulous MIB Tuxedo - it's even numbered (No. 18107) like Mattel fashions!
  • Swingin’ Sally
  • Tammy family - I'm not a huge fan of these, but some folks love 'em.
  • Tina
  • Totsy (clothes mfr.)
  • Tressy (American Character) - I had one of these as a child, but she did not survive an encounter with my last kitty. Mimisa chewed her hand off, and I decided she had a creepy-looking face anyway, so into the bin she went!
  • Wendy (Elite Doll Co)

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