Graduate Teaching

  1. 1.Advanced Introduction to Metaethics (Spring 2003) [syllabus]

  2. 2.Allan Gibbard’s Thinking How to Live (Spring 2004) [syllabus]

  3. 3.Constructivism in Ethics (Fall 2004) [syllabus]

  4. 4.Proseminar (co-taught with Elizabeth Harman, Fall 2004) [syllabus]

  5. 5.Moral Realism (Spring 2006) [syllabus]

  6. 6.Evolution and Ethics (co-taught with Laura Frankilin-Hall, Spring 2010) [syllabus]

  7. 7.Derek Parfit’s On What Matters (Fall 2011) [syllabus]

  8. 8.Moral Epistemology and the Self (Spring 2013) [syllabus]

Explaining why the fact that a car is coming is a reason to jump out of the way. Yes, this is my job.


Undergraduate Teaching

  1. 1.Ethics [syllabus]

  2. 2.Nature of Values [syllabus]

  3. 3.Senior Honors Seminar [syllabus]

  4. 4.Life and Death [syllabus coming soon]