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John Abt

Abt was alleged by Whittaker Chambers to be a member of the so-called Ware Group, an "underground cell" of Washington-area communists that Chambers at first claimed was not involved in espionage.

Abt was a lawyer and an employee of the Agricultural Adjustment Administration during Hiss's tenure there. He refused to answer questions about his activities when he was subpoenaed by HUAC. Abt discusses Chambers' charges in his autobiography, "Advocate and Activist." In it, he says he knew Chambers casually (because Chambers used an accent, Abt thought he was a German national) and says, contrary to Chambers' accusations, that the group of Party members was never known as the "Ware Group"; met only to discuss policy and theory; and was not an "underground" organization. He does not discuss whether Hiss was associated with the group.