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Playing at Being a Spy - Malcolm Cowley, a noted literary historian, recalls a conversation he had with Whittaker Chambers in 1940, in which Chambers named Francis B. Sayre, Alger Hiss's boss in the Trade Agreements Division of the State Department, as the head of the Communist underground. Cowley had recorded the conversation with Chambers in his diary and testified about it for the defense at both trials.

Was it So? - Whittaker Chambers told HUAC that Alger Hiss was deaf in one ear. Here, Alger Hiss responds.

You will need a RealPlayer to see these clips from the documentary, "The Trials of Alger Hiss," by John Lowenthal. To download your free RealPlayer, click here. To order a copy of the entire film, click here.

A Drama of Contradictions - This newsreel clip sets the stage for "the trial of the century."

The Beginnings of the McCarthy Era - Alger Hiss discusses why he and other New Dealers became political targets following the death of FDR. (Audio Only)

The Loyalty Tests -  Former State Department official Oliver Edmund Clubb talks what happened to him after Chambers named him as a Communist.

Hiss Before HUAC - Alger Hiss discusses his relationship with the man he knew as "George Crosley."

Chambers' Higher Purpose - In this newsreel footage Chambers defends himself against accusations that he is upholding an old grudge against Hiss.

Hiss Questions Actions by the Government - Alger Hiss discusses how the government circumvented the statute of limitations on espionage in order to indict him.

The End of A Career - Former United Nations official David Zablodowsky, who was a college classmate of Chambers, discusses how Chambers' accusations ruined his career.

"He Boasted About It" - Alger Hiss offers his thoughts on Chambers' claims to have been a spy; David Zablodowsky recalls Chambers' bizarre behavior.

"Believe Me or Believe Chambers" - At the April 5, 2007 conference on Alger Hiss and History at NYU, Hiss's stepson, speaking publicly for the first time on the case, delivered a firm rebuke to those who say his stepfather was guilty. "I was there," Dr. Timothy Hobson said. "Chambers wasn't." Click here to see the first excerpt from Hobson's powerful speech. Click here to see part two.

Alger Hiss on the "Tomorrow Show" with Tom Snyder - These three clips are from 1980. Hiss and John Lowenthal, whose film, "The Trials of Alger Hiss," had just been released, discuss the Hiss case, Yalta and a host of other topics. Click these links for part one, part two and part three.

Donald Hiss on FDR and Holmes - Both Alger and Donald Hiss served as secretaries to Supreme Court Justice Oliver Wendall Holmes. Here is Donald Hiss's recollection of the afternoon that President Roosevelt paid a visit to the Justice, four days after FDR's inauguration in 1933.