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Courtroom Scene


The Courtroom


Truman and Stalin------





The Evidence:


Alger Hiss in His Office----------------

The Hiss Case Today:

  • Q&A Exclusive new interviews.
  • Grand Jury Minutes This previously secret testimony supports key aspects of Alger Hiss's story. 
  • Venona and the Russian Files Looking at these new sources of information and what they really say about the charges against Alger Hiss.
  • Complete Books Download shorter works on the case in their entirety.
  • Book Excerpts Our first offering is a preview of William A. Reuben's long-awaited book on the Hiss case, "The Crimes of Alger Hiss."
  • Book Reviews In-depth analysis of the most important books on the Hiss case.
  • New Research This page offers links to the latest research on the case presented on our site.


Hiss Testifying----------


  • Video Library See and hear clips of Alger Hiss and others from John Lowenthal's documentary, The Trials of Alger Hiss.

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