Daniel Norman's Affidavit

Daniel P. Norman's examination of the Woodstock #230,099 offered the first evidence that the typewriter had been altered. The following is an excerpt from Chester Lane's introductory affidavit in support of Hiss's 1952 motion for a new trial, followed by Dr. Norman's report

... I finally consulted Dr. Daniel Norman, Director of Chemical Research of the New England Spectrochemical Laboratories, of Ipswich, Massachusetts, and President of its subsidiary, Skinner & Sherman, of Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. Norman's organization was recommended to me as "the best in the business," with long and distinguished experience in the field of metallurgical analysis. Dr. Norman agreed to examine Woodstock N230,099 for me. He has done so, and his conclusions are embodied in his affidavit, S-IT-A, which I attach.
In my original motion papers, I presented evidence to show that it was possible to construct or alter a machine so as to make its typing resemble that of another machine so closely that an expert would be unable to tell the difference, especially if he applied the criteria used by the Government's expert at the trials. I attached specimens of typing from two different machines and invited the Government to have its experts tell them apart if they could. I do not know whether the Government's experts can tell them apart, or even whether the Government will dare accept the invitation to try. However that may be, my proffered proof is now no longer pointed to showing how someone could have faked a machine which would fool the experts; it shows rather that someone did fake such a machine. Clearer evidence of the plot to incriminate Alger Hiss falsely could scarcely be desired.

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