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George Norman Roulhac

A rebuttal witness for the prosecution, Roulhac lived with the Catlett family for some time (Claudie Catlett was Hiss's maid) and testified that he did not see a typewriter at their home until about three months after he moved in. That would have placed the typewriter there in April 1938. His testimony buttressed the prosecution's contention that the Hisses had their Woodstock typewriter during the period the documents were allegedly typed. 

According to FBI documents released in 1975, Roulhac told the FBI he was not certain when he first saw the typewriter, and that it might have been in the Catletts' possession before he moved into their home. He also said the typewriter was a small portable, one that did not resemble the large Woodstock office machine. 

Roulhac testified that he had been in the federal court building three or four times, to meet with FBI representatives before the trial. According to a memorandum written by prosecutor Thomas Murphy that was part of the 1970s FOIA releases, Roulhac had met with the prosecutor almost every day for a month before the trial.