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"R" 발음을 잘 못 하십니까?


Our lab is NOW ENROLLING participants for a research study investigating how Korean speakers can learn to say a better English “r” sound. Click here for our flyer.


What we are looking for:

• Adults between the ages of 18 and 35

• Native speakers of Korean

• At least 1 year of exposure to English

• Have resided in the US for 2 years or less

• No history of major hearing, speech, language, or learning difficulties

• Difficulty pronouncing the  English “r” sound


What you will do:

• Complete a questionnaire describing your language background

• Complete speech, language, and hearing screenings

• Produce the “r” sound in syllables, words, and conversation

• Learn to use a “Speech Buddy” device to practice “r”

• Engage in guided practice of “r” production in a small-group setting


How long it will take:

• Evaluation sessions (pre-test, mid-test, and post-test) will take 1-2 hours

• Guided practice sessions will take 4-5 hours

• Total time commitment: 5-7 hours over 5-6 weeks



• The study will take place in space assigned to the NYU Department of Communicative Sciences and Disorders (665 Broadway, 9th floor, or 726 Broadway, 5th floor).


What you will receive:

• Training in a method that may help you improve your pronunciation of English “r”

• Your own “Speech Buddy” device to keep after the end of the study


You will be asked to sign a consent form that explains the study and your rights in more detail.


If you are interested, please contact our research team at 917-572-8744 or NYUspeechstudy at gmail dot com.