Selected Press:


Following Children To Identify Health Risks; Study Will Examine Genes, Environment.  Washington Post, April 27, 2004.


EPA Criticized for Study of Child Pesticide Exposure.  Science, November 2004.


EPA Devises Rules on the Use of Data From Pesticide Tests on Humans;
Standards Would Continue to Allow Some Studies Involving Children and Pregnant Women, Critics Say.  Washington Post, August 11, 2005.


Some in Senate Seek to Change Mercury Rule.  New York Times, September 9, 2005.


Danger? Parents Look Inside the Lunchbox. New York Times, March 12, 2006.


The Pollution Within.  National Geographic, October 2006.


Non-stick chemicals may cut birth weight; Two new studies add to cookware scrutiny.  USA Today, August 23, 2007.


Tests reveal high chemical levels in kids' bodies.  CNN (Planet in Peril), October 22, 2007.  Video.


Are plastic bottles safe?  NBC Today Show, April 9, 2008.


How Much Should We Invest in Childhood Obesity?  Health Affairs Press Briefing, March 2, 2010.


Reducing The Staggering Costs Of Environmental Disease In Children, Estimated At $76.6 Billion In 2008: Environmental Challenges for Health press briefing, May 4, 2011.


Safer Chemicals press conference in U.S. Capitol Building (Sen. Lautenberg, actress Jessica Alba), May 24, 2011.