Tomasz Sadzik

                                                                    Assistant Professor, Department of Economics, New York University

                                                                                    19 West Fourth Street, room 612

                                                                                    New York, NY, 10012

                                                                                    tsadzik at nyu dot edu



Research Interests:                Microeconomic Theory, Game Theory, Mechanism Design

Curriculum Vitae

Papers:                                    Better Welfare (with Kristof Madarasz, Pietro Ortoleva) (2011)

Agency Models with Frequent Actions: A Quadratic Approximation Approach (with Ennio Stacchetti) (2010)

                                                Dynamic CEO Compensation (with Alex Edmans, Xavier Gabaix, Yuliy Sannikov) (2010), Appendix, forthcoming in the Journal of Finance

Coordination in Learning to Play Nash Equilibrium (2008)

Beliefs Revealed in Bayesian-Nash Equilibrium (2008)

                                                Impossibility of Characterizing Common Prior Assumption (2007)