How to Rig a Set of Playing Cards 

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Welcome! This web site will show you how to successfully rig a deck for less than $5 or free if you possess the materials already! There are countless of marked cards selling on the internet using this same technique but selling for $20+. If you have the supplies listed, the same trick can be created absolutely free. This is a DIY faq of how to mark your own set of cards. 

Note: This web site does not encourage gambling in any way, shape, or form. It is solely for the purpose of magic and entertainment. User discretion is advised.

First of all, here are the supplies you will need:

Step 1:
Locate the dotted circles on the back of a card. There are FOUR of them in total.
Step 2:
Use your red permanent marker to carefully shade in these circles according to this code. Avoid blotting and make sure to color in ALL four circles and make sure you turn the card upside down before marking the other circles. Do this process for all 52 cards in the deck.

Here is an example:

The left circle depicts what the card is, ace through king.
Rig A Deck                      
This card is a King represented by a K in the left corner                      It is also a Spade designated by the full circle on the right                                                         

Step 3:
Practice. Practice. Practice. Memorize the coding system and practice using this deck with your friends or by yourself. Beat up the deck a bit if it is new so people won't notice it as easily.

Step 4:

Go out and perform. DO NOT MAKE IT OBVIOUS BY LOOKING AT THE BACK OF THE PERSON'S CARDS. A tip I found to be successful is to maintain a conversation with the person.

Pocket Jacks, baby!

This web site does not encourage gambling!

This web site is not liable for any trouble you may get in. I do not encourage hustling children or the elderly.