Forget-Midterm Brownies

forget it

These are the most dense, fudgy, chocolatey, delicious brownies you will ever taste thanks to one secret ingredient.
Forget midterms. Eat brownies. (This is a Cee lo Green reference)

Stuff You Need:


Stuff You Do:

Step 1: Prepare brownie mix according to instructions, adding in chocolate chips and all that other good stuff. 
There's no such thing as too many chocolate chips. Really.

Chocolate Chips is a Must

Step 2: Bake brownies according to the time it says on the box.
Keep sniffing the air while waiting.


Step 3: Wait to cool. (unless you want burned fingers)


Step 4: Once brownie is mostly cooled, add in frosting. ALL of it.

Now is not the time to skimp.

don't skimp

Step 5: Mix.
Fact: it will taste better when mixed with (clean) fingers.

*Fact not scientifically proven


Step 6: Try not to think about what this looks like.


Step 7: Think about it anyways.


Step 8: Distribute evenly back in pan.

pat it down

Step 9: Put in fridge for 10 minutes.

Patience, patience, patience.


Step 10: Cut.


Step 11: Eat.


Step 12: Repeat as necessary.

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Who is This Culinary Genius?