Yuja Cha

Yuja cha is my personal favorite out of the three Korean teas introduced in my guide. Yuja cha is essentially made of citron (Yuja). Yuja fruit is thinly sliced along with its peel and combined with honey or sugar to be prepared as Yuja preserves, called Yucheong. In making Yujacheong, honey or sugar is added to the Yuja fruit in order to offset the sour and bitter taste of Yuja. A tablespoon of Yujacheong and a cup of warm or cold water is all you need to make Yuja cha. Yujacheong can be easily found and bought in supermarkets in jars, but you can also easily make Yuja cha from scratch on your own by following the steps I mentioned above. Also take a look at a more detailed recipe to make Yujacheong and Yuja cha here.

              Nutritional facts on one Tablespoon of Yujacheong and Typical Yuja cha

Because Yuja cha is made of a fruit called Yuja, the tea is caffein-free. Citron, or Yuja, contains lots of Vitamin C. Yuja cha is a very well known Korean house remedy for colds, coughs and headaches and is commonly used in Korea and increasingly sold and used more in foreign countries, as well. Furthermore, Yuja cha can also cause perspiration to bring down fevers, soothe throat inflammations and help digestion and alcohol poisoning.

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