Jean's World of Hand Drip Coffee

Welcome to Jean's World of Hand Drip Coffee!  -by Yoo Hyun "Jean" Kim

Drip Beeker Glasses

What is hand-drip coffee? Isn't it just... coffee? 

Well, yes it is still coffee.
You just make it in a slightly different way, by manually dripping the coffee.
This allows you to control for the subtle diffences in flavor depending on the types of beans, the dripping speed, the temperature of water, etc., and the list goes on.
Just as there are many different types of wine, there are many differnt types and flavors of coffee.
And Hand Dripping is the best way to experiment and discover your own favorite.
Oh, and it is not always as fancy as it looks in the picture.
It is actually very easily do-able at your home. All you need are...

1. Beans- Imposter!

Coffee Beans
Would you be surprised if what we know as a coffee bean is actually the SEED of the coffee plant?

Depending on growth environment, processing methods, and genetic subspecies, different coffee varieties yield different flavors, caffeine content, body or mouthfeel, and acidity. The two main varieties are Arabica, which is used for your regular dripped coffee, and Robusta, which is mainly used for making cheaper, powder-mixed coffee.

Any kind of beans work fine for hand dripping. There are plenty of local coffee exchanges in NYC that offer raw or roasted beans from all over the world, so take your time and explore.

2. The Genie's Lamp! (Or just a tea kettle is fine too.)Syphon


A Goose-neck style kettle is recommended for making hand drip coffee for its adjustable control and accurate pouring. Commonly used brands include Hario and Tiamo. You can also order these kettles at online coffeeware stores such as Orphan Espresso. Or if you are really interested and have the time and money to commit,  you can go all the way and try the Syphon(pic on right), which is also known as the "Vacuum Brewer".

3. Filters, Filter Holders, and Servers


The choice is yours: Disposable paper filters are more convenient 
compared to cloth filters, but they retain more flavor from you coffee because the oil from the beans stick to paper. Metal coffee filters are easier than cloth filters to clean, but nonetheless bothersome.

There are tons of types and brands of filters and filter holders, which are readily available at any marts, convenient stores, and online stores, so shop around!

For servers, you can easily buy them around as well, but if you just used your regular mug it wouldn't hurt either.

4. How to Hand Drip: a helpful and thorough YouTube video, not by me.

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